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  • Q How is your payment terms?

    A Send us your orders and will provide you the quotation.From there we can discuss the payment terms,our mainly payment terms is 30% in advance,balance before shipment.
  • Q What is the main function of a potentiometer?

    A A potentiometer is a type of position sensor. The primary function of a potentiometer is to measure or monitor displacement. They can be used to measure either linear or rotary displacement and are available in different types depending on the application.
  • Q What is a potentiometer used for?

    A Potentiometers function as voltage dividers that can be used to both adjust voltage output to a circuit, and accurately measure (or meter) electric potential – hence the name potentiometer.
  • Q How can I get your samples?

    A Leave us a message along with your name and email so we can discuss what type of samples suit for your requirment/project.We will arrange the right samples according to your requirement.
  • Q Are you the manufacturer?



    Yes!Perpetual making over 100 varieties of products, specializing in the production of carbon potentiometer, wire wound potentiometer, rotary encoder,rotary band switch and so on.

  • Q What is Potentiometer?


    A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding or rotating contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider.[1] If only two terminals are used, one end and the wiper, it acts as a variable resistor or rheostat.

    The measuring instrument called a potentiometer is essentially a voltage divider used for measuring electric potential (voltage); the component is an implementation of the same principle, hence its name.

    Potentiometers are commonly used to control electrical devices such as volume controls on audio equipment. It is also used in speed control of fans. Potentiometers operated by a mechanism can be used as position transducers, for example, in a joystick. Potentiometers are rarely used to directly control significant power (more than a watt), since the power dissipated in the potentiometer would be comparable to the power in the controlled load.

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