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12mm Stereo Type Rotary Carbon Potentiometer

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer WH0122-1-18T have stable quality,competitive price and best after-sale service.They are all ROHS and very popular in the world market.
  • WH0122-1-18T L15/20

  • Perpetual

  • 85334000


Product Description

Stable quality 12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer WH0122-1-18T 

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer is widely used in the world market.

This potentiometer has three pins, good in a breadboard or with a panel. It's a fairly standard linear taper potentiometer, with a 18teeth knurled shaft. It's smooth and easy to turn, but not so loose that it will shift on its own. We like this one because the legs are freight, so you can plug it into a breadboard or perfboard. Once you're done prototyping, you can drill a hole into your project box and mount the potentiometer that way.

Rotary carbon potentiometers still have many applications for the Medical, Automotive and Measurement Equipment markets and many more.  

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer features

*Carbon resistive element. 

*Mono type(single line).

*High quality of all raw materials.

*Long life model for low-cost control potentiometer applications.

*Cut track option (open circuit).

*Special tapers. 

*20% Linearity and 10K cycles mechanical life.

*Stable functions can meet the customer's requirement.

*Most competitive price is suit for most customers' demands.

Stable quality 12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer WH0122-1-18T PICTURE12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer1

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer detailed drawing

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer drawig

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer electrical characteristics

electrical characteristics1

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer 

mechancial characteristics

mechanical characteristics1

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer durability characteristics

16mm rotary carbon potentiometer durability characteristics

12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer type of shaft 

shaft type1

How to order

how to order8

Note:Consult us for other product with special request.


Part number:WH0122-1-18T  B50K L20

Resistance tapers:A(Index),B(Linear),C(Logarithm)





12mm stereo type rotary carbon potentiometer datasheet.pdf


*1×rotary carbon potentiometer

Additional Information

Packaging type:200pcs per poly bag,1000pcs per inner carton,4000pcs per outer box.

Minimum order quantity:1000pcs

Delivery time: 7 days based on MOQ(According to real order quantity)

Port Of Dispatch:Usually Shanghai

Production Capacity:3000pieces/per day

Payment Terms:T/T(Bank Transfer) others


inspection (1)ROHS (1)

*All this kind products tested by automatic machines,it can control the reistance value range and rotational nose very accurate.Guarantee very item pass the testing.

*All of our products are ROHS,we can supply all ROHS testing report for each material.

Ordering Instructions

*Model,Type,Part number

*Total Resistance Value and Taper

*Total Resistane Tolerance(10%,20%)

*Shaft Length and Code for the shaft end

*Applications(for Vol,Tone,Bal or Other)

*Other Special Requirements 


*QC test the whole materials' dimension before they enter the production workshop,guarantee the whole materials are good to install.

*Testing enquirement:Standardized electrical(tolerance of resistance,total resistance value,rotational noise etc).Mechanical endurance ,rotating life testing tools are fully equipped.

*File systerm:perfect file systerm,products traceability.

*Engineer participation:Maintaining the automatic machine everyday,find and solve problems,guarantee the machines in good working condition.


*With strict production and quality control, products have high quality and stable functions.

*Specialized batch production enables competitive exporting price.

*Products can be made according to given dimensions, design drawings or samples.


Q:Are you the manufacturer?

A:Yes!Perpetual making over 100 varieties of products, specializing in the production of carbon potentiometer, wire wound potentiometer, rotary encoder,rotary band switch and so on.

Q:How Does a Rotary Potentiometer Work?

A:Potentiometers work by varying the position of a sliding contact across a uniform resistance. In a potentiometer, the entire input voltage is applied across the whole length of the resistor, and the output voltage is the voltage drop between the fixed and sliding contact.

Q:What is a rotary potentiometer used for?

A:A rotary potentiometer is an adjustable electrical resistor that can be moved by means of a rotary motion. This allows control processes to be implemented in various electrical or electronic systems, for example for volume control in multimedia devices.

Q:How about your package?

A:Usually we packed in strong carton,if you have specail request,we also can pack by pallent.

Q:What is potentiometer taper?

A:Simply put, a potentiometer is a resistor. When you turn the pot, you change the level of resistance.

A potentiometer taper is the relationship between the position of the pot (as you turn it) and the corresponding output. This is important when using a pot as a volume knob because humans perceive volume changes logarithmically. This means that if you use a logarithmic pot (type A), the volume sweep is evenly distributed through the rotation of the knob. In contrast, if you were to use a linear pot (type B) for volume control, most of the volume changes will be "crowded" at one end of the turn.

Potentiometer is a resistance element that has three leading ends and the resistance value can be adjusted according to a certain change law. A potentiometer usually consists of a resistance body and a removable brush. When the brush moves along the resistance, the resistance value or voltage is obtained at the output which is related to the displacement.
The potentiometer can be used as a three-terminal element or a two-terminal element. The latter can be regarded as a variable resistor, because its role in the circuit is to obtain and input voltage (applied voltage) into a certain relationship with the output voltage, so called potentiometer.


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